Sensational Italian-Senegalese TikTok content creator who grew his fame through his viral videos will join the Binance family as a brand ambassador. As the Blockchain forerunner behind the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance has copped Khaby Lame in a partnership that targets increasing Web3 awareness and adoption.

His ambassadorial role is aimed at tackling the misconceptions around Web 3.0 while partnering with Binance on some exclusive NFT projects to enhance the value of the experience for his fans.

Khaby Lame became famous for his short comedic “life hack” videos on tips for simplifying complicated scenarios without saying a word and ending it with his trademark “Khaby move”. He is currently the most followed TikTok content creator in the world with more than 142 million followers on TikTok and over 78 million followers on Instagram.

His journey to the top of TikTok’s elite creators started at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic when he was laid off from his job at a warehouse. To date, he has uploaded over 1000 TikToks and has amassed a little over 100 million combined views on all his short videos.

In an exclusive statement, The TikTok star acknowledged that he had been curious about Web 3.0 for a while and this partnership with Binance will perfectly align with what he does which is simplifying complicated situations.

Khaby joining the Binance family follows the Dex’s efforts to work with international celebrities and cultural icons. Just last week, Binance announced their partnership with football star Cristiano Ronaldo and these kind of celebrity partnerships will be more commonplace in both the short and long term future.

Featured image source: Binance


  • Avatar
    Felix Aikhuele
    June 30, 2022

    A big congratulations to TikTok as a whole. Khaby Lame in partnership with Binance will help educate many people about Web3. TikTok is a fun app óf vibes and cruise. At least with this Collab, a lot will learn.

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