After recent research was conducted by, it was revealed that 64% of US parents think cryptocurrencies should be included in the curriculum of their children’s education. However, the dads and moms are not so much in support of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) since only 25% agreed that they should be included in the school programs.

The mayor of New York City – Eric Adams – has also embraced such educational amendments. He was quoted last year, as saying cryptocurrencies are a “new way for paying for goods and services throughout the entire globe,” and as such, they should be studied alongside the underlying technology behind them.

Out of the 800 surveyed American parents, nearly two-thirds said cryptocurrencies should be taught in schools. 40% of the total participants agreed that their kids should study blockchain technology, while 35% want the Metaverse to be included, also. NFTs ranked last as only 25% think that children should be aware of them.

Taking a closer look at the survey results, 24% of the dads and moms are of the thought that the start of crypto education should happen in high school, while 19% believe middle school is more appropriate. 28% of the respondents believe that studying digital assets is more important than design, and 26% want it to be swapped with subjects like architecture and art history.

Also interesting to note is that 68% of the parents admitted to being cryptocurrency investors. On average, they have contributed around $766 to their children’s future education making use of the profits from their investments.

In addition to this, surveyed some college graduates, and 67% think cryptocurrencies should be a subject in school, while another 36% mentioned that blockchain technology needs to be added.

It is worth mentioning that 86% of the graduates think that having formal knowledge about new currencies and tech innovations is more important than having a college degree.

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