Tech giant Samsung has partnered with popular digital asset trading platform to offer an enhanced version of its app for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold devices, including the Z Fold4 which was just launched recently. announced the new update in an official statement released on Thursday, Version 3.158.1, with features designed to optimize analysis and trading experience specifically for Galaxy Z Fold devices.

The latest features will allow comparison of a range of tokens to run concurrently and more efficiently than on any other mobile device. With this recent development, becomes the first digital asset platform to offer a custom-made experience for Galaxy Z Fold devices.
The partnership was a result of the vision shared by both companies to achieve a more engaging mobile experience for their customers.

Through this update, users will have an empowered App experience. Galaxy Z Fold devices will provide, and offer more resources and tools on a single screen.

President and Chief Operating Officer of, Eric Anziani, expressed his enthusiasm about the alliance and said:
“This collaboration with Samsung will allow users to experience our app like never before. Together, Samsung and have optimized the App for the large screen experience, taking advantage of the foldable form factor, to bring a more productive way of using the app for the trading and analysis of cryptocurrencies.”

Over the years, Samsung has become an active player in the blockchain and crypto market. The multinational organization has since been on the lookout for opportunities in the developing industry for the past several years.

In 2021, the company released a blockchain-based smartphone called the Galaxy A series, which came with a built-in hardware wallet for storing cryptocurrency securely.

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