Blockchain providers Cardano (ADA) recently announced that they have completed a hard fork of its testnet towards the release of the Basil upgrade. These promising developments signal the beginning of improved scalability and performance across their network.

This announcement was released by IOHK (rebranded to IOG) which is the tech firm behind the Cardano ecosystem. IOG is now asking developers and exchanges to launch their projects on the renewed testnet so that any preliminary adjustments can be noticed first before Basil goes live on the mainnet.

The Vasil fork is one of the foundational features of Cardano’s Basho phase. The Basho phase is the fourth of five of the network’s notable creation eras which include: the “Byron” phase focused on the creation, the “Shelley” phase focused on decentralization and the “Goguen” phase focused on smart contracts.

The Basho phase is aimed at easier and speedier scalability and this will be aided by the Vasil hard fork once launched on the mainnet. Some of the exciting features of the Vasil hard fork include increased block creation speed, improved script performance, and efficiency, much lower network costs, and, interoperability between Cardano and other Blockchains.

The company expects the launch to be completed in the next four weeks although IOG says that Vasil will only go through to the mainnet only if the entire community is “comfortable and ready”.

The IOG had previously scheduled the Vasil mainnet fork launch for June 29 but that date had to be pushed back in the face of several non-critical bugs which have since been fixed.

Despite Vasil being a big deal for the Cardano ecosystem, news of its imminent deployment has done nothing to improve ADA’s current price. ADA is trading at $0.44, 0.5% down from yesterday’s price.

Featured image source: U. Today

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