For several years now, Binance has played a very important role in the crypto industry by assisting in the recovery of funds from users who have been victims of hacks, theft, or scams. But right now, they are looking to aim higher with an e-crime training program.

The official launch of its “Global Law Enforcement Training Program,” was announced by Binance on the 27th of September. This program was created to help law enforcement agencies fight financial and electronic crimes that involve crypto or digital assets.

According to the statement from Binance, the training program will be led by a team of highly skilled professionals, which includes former law enforcement officers and security experts who helped take down criminal platforms such as Hydra and Silkroad.

Binance offers one-day training programs inclusive of intensive in-person workshops on blockchain, legal issues, cryptocurrencies, and anti-money laundering policies.

Last year, Binance began training its e-crime and cybercrime investigations team alongside different law enforcement officials from various countries UK, Argentina, Canada, Brazil, France, Sweden, Germany, Israel, Philippines, Netherlands, and, South Korea, among others.

Global Head of Intelligence and Investigations at Binance, Tigran Gambaryan, said the Training Program was created due to demand from regulators and public law enforcement agencies who were interested in understanding and combating cryptocurrency-related crimes.

According to Gambaryan, the Binance Investigations team has currently responded to over 27,000 law enforcement requests in an average time of 3 days, “ which is faster than any traditional financial institution,”

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