Tech giants Amazon recently announced a new virtual feature that will enable customers to visualize how a pair of shoes will look on their feet through augmented reality using their mobile phone cameras.

To virtually try on the shoes, customers just have to point their mobile phone cameras at their feet and the selected pair of shoes will appear. They can also move their feet to visualize how the show will look from different angles while also using the in-built palette to change the colors of the selected footwear without having to exit and re-load the experience.

Additionally, customers can take a photo of their virtual shoes on their legs and save it by clicking the “Share” icon. The photo is then automatically saved to their device and can be shared on social media.

This new Augmented Reality Try-On feature will launch initially in the U.S. and Canada for starters in the Amazon app on iOS-run devices. To access this feature, users will click the new “Virtual Try-On” button just directly below the image of the footwear on the supported styles to get started. Amazon has also confirmed that the Virtual Try-On will be available for use across thousands of styles from mainstream footwear brands including Adidas, Reebok, Puma, Lacoste, New Balance, Asics, and Superga.

This innovation in marketing is aimed at total customer satisfaction and a more detailed consumer experience as it eliminates the need for mobility and physical presence at shoe stores worldwide.
The Virtual Footwear experience also targets the comfort of customers who can now make more comfortable decisions on what they want to purchase while being reliably informed by their visual opportunity to try out what they want in a seamless virtual experience.

Featured image source: TechCrunch

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